Hi. I'm Spotlight.

What are some of your interests?

I’m interested in reverse engineering, and have been using my growing skills to reverse an Android phone’s bootloader to enable debug mode along with the Wii’s IOS system.

Some things I’ve done


DebugEnabler is an application that edits Android preference files to enable debugging methods and activities. It didn't work on newer Android versions due to precompiled binaries. I (with permission of developer) helped to revamp it to be entirely Java and use the newer SuperSU library.

Pack Server

Pack Server was my spin on a Minecraft server -- one in which when you weren't playing Minecraft, you could still interact with the community. I've open sourced a few of the plugins used, and some still in development upon the time of shutdown.


RiiConnect24 is a WiiConnect24 replacement I used to be involved with. I helped with server management and a rewrite of their mail backend from PHP to Go. I also helped with reverse engineering the IOS' internals along with several channels. On their Discord server, I helped with bot management.

SpotRichIntegration / iTunesRPC

SpotRichIntegration was a method interfacing with Google Play Music Desktop Player's JSON API via Java and file watching. It allowed sending of music information in the form of RPC before the integration was natively added. iTunes RPC is the same concept, albeit using Swift and iTunes/Apple Music.


Screenshottr is an application that allows you to upload taken screenshots on macOS to a Pomf compatible file host. It was written in Objective-C and then rewritten into Swift.


Disconnect24 is a WiiConnect24 replacement I created in response to things I observed while at RiiConnect24. It currently runs in Docker and has only a different mail system.