Hi, I'm Spotlight.

I'm interested in reverse engineering, but haven't mastered it. I use Java and Ruby mainly.
Some of my projects:

Pack Server

Pack Server was my spin on a Minecraft server -- one in which when you weren't playing Minecraft, you could still interact with the community. I've open sourced a few of the plugins used, and some still in development upon the time of shutdown.


RiiConnect24 is a replacement for WiiConnect24 that I was in. While I was there, I helped Erisa, a Discord bot developer, maintain the official server bot.


InternalLock was my first true tweak for iOS's MobileSubstrate. It allows the usage of INTERNAL_INSTALL_LEGAL on iOS 7/8/9 devices. I even pushed it to BigBoss's repo.

Internalify is a tweak I'm working on to enable all of iOS 6's debugging menus and theme more like recent iOS versions. It's extremely unstable but does work.